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Get Started in Backyard Poultry – Don’t Be Chicken

Raising chickens in your backyard can go from being an interesting hobby to a money-saving little home business. There are several advantages to raising your own chickens, some of which are: Cheap free range eggs to eat and sell.  Biological … Continue reading

RAM is the cheapest and easiest upgrade that gives the biggest performance boost.

3 Easy Upgrades for a Used Computer

Buying a used computer out of the classifieds is smart. Whether its for school, work, or entertainment, you can easily upgrade an older computer to boost its performance. Odds are, if you are reading this article, you are part of … Continue reading

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Delicious Chocolate Covered Bacon

Cynthia brought in these little treats to the USA4SALE World HQ. Yummy bacon slathered in sweet chocolate and covered with pecans. Stefanie approves! Check out the recipe below. You will need: 1 Package of Bacon 1 Package of Chocolate Chips … Continue reading

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