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First 5 Things You Should Buy After Buying a New Home

Once you have closed  on your home, there are a couple items you will need sooner than you can say housewarming party. Rather than wait, get these essential items right away. If any are already there, you should replace them. … Continue reading

A ball python happy in its cage.

Herpetologists’ Guide to Secure and Healthy Enclosures

You have decided to own a snake or other reptile as a pet and have probably invested quite a bit of time and money into getting everything ready. What you do not want now, is your little pride and joy … Continue reading

Uh Oh!!

5 Simple Tips to Fix Something You Broke

Glue It Back Together If you broke something made of glass or plastic or similar you can try to stick it with bonding glue. Be careful that you do not stick your fingers together in the process and keep the … Continue reading

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