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How to: Post a Great Ad

Here’s a great looking ad. Let’s see what they did right. This ad has a photo. Actually it has three. It shows the outside, the inside and a floor plan. The photo of the inside does something very important. It … Continue reading

Tandem Bike

4 Most Important Bicycle Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Whether you are repairing your own bicycle that has lain unused for some time, or you have just bought a second hand bike that needs some repairs, finding spares and making repairs is not all that difficult if you do … Continue reading

Buying Used Auto Parts

Buying Used Auto Parts – A Quick Guide

Buying used auto parts will often save you 50 percent or more over buying new. When you buy used with an online retailer, you’ll have the benefit of selection and a possible warranty. Junkyards and scrap dealers may save you … Continue reading

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