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A ball python happy in its cage.

Herpetologists’ Guide to Secure and Healthy Enclosures

You have decided to own a snake or other reptile as a pet and have probably invested quite a bit of time and money into getting everything ready. What you do not want now, is your little pride and joy … Continue reading

Water Heater

When Should I Replace my Water Heater?

Many cannot consider the modern home without the luxury of hot water. The lowly water heater is given little thought until the water runs cold or there is a puddle forming around it. Here’s how to determine if you should … Continue reading

People collect more than just vintage Barbies.

Most Popular Collectibles

Swarovski Based in Austria, this producer of fine crystal and luxury goods needs no introduction. Besides producing collectible Christmas ornaments, Swarovski releases a number of figurines each year. Their first ornament was a little mouse, but they now make anything … Continue reading

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