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Designer Dog Breed Pomeranian x Chihuahua

Designer Breed Names

We’ve seen plenty of hybrid dog breeds in our classifieds. Some intentional, and some not. If you need the official name of a mixed breed, you’ll find it in the list below. Some breeders have their own names for their … Continue reading

How to Write a Resume

Looking to Get Hired: Rewrite Your Resume

The U.S. Department of Labor reported in April 2011 that 13.5 million people were unemployed, 8.8% of the population.  If you fall into this group, you know the job market is not an easy one and isn’t getting any easier.  … Continue reading

Finding a Job

Finding a Job

Looking for a job is the easiest part of the process. Our classifieds offer several pages devoted to listing vacant job positions. Being well-prepared, though, is a little more demanding. There will probably be a lot of competition for the … Continue reading

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