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Backyard Adventures for Kids

5 Things Kids Will Love in their Backyard

Here’s how to create an inexpensive backyard adventure for your kids. How to buy an above-ground pool, swing set, trampoline or sandbox in your local classifieds. Continue reading

There’s Money in Your Garage

Garage sales are a great way to get paid to clean your garage! Here’s 4 things your garage sale needs to be profitable. Weather. Make sure you have clear skies. Presentation. Organize items into groups and label them. Kitchen, Toys, … Continue reading

Parrot Trivia

Parrot Trivia: Amazing Facts about Pet Parrots

Parrots make fascinating pets, and here are some fascinating facts about what makes these birds so special: * Parrots come from forests in tropical zones in South America, Australia, New Guinea, Africa and Asia. They build nests in holes in … Continue reading

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