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Tarantula Spider

Exotic Pets – From Ants to Zebras

When we speak about a pet, we usually imagine a dog, cat, fish, bird or hamster. But for some people, any old pet will just not do. They seek out more unusual and exotic pets because they are a source … Continue reading

Kid loves dog

Does Your Pet Get Enough Attention?

Deciding to buy or adopt a pet brings with it certain responsibilities, not unlike having a child. You should choose a pet that will match the amount of attention and time you have available to give it. Luckily, different pets … Continue reading

A ball python happy in its cage.

Herpetologists’ Guide to Secure and Healthy Enclosures

You have decided to own a snake or other reptile as a pet and have probably invested quite a bit of time and money into getting everything ready. What you do not want now, is your little pride and joy … Continue reading

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