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Car Title

What "Clear Title" Means

Simply put, ‘clear title’ means that ownership of the property (movable and immovable) in question is free from any outstanding legal claims or procedures. In simple terms, the items are yours. Alternative terms for the same meaning are: good title, … Continue reading

free stuff

FREE stuff. No really, people are giving things away!

That’s right, people really do give away free stuff in the classifieds. You’ll find free stuff in classifieds for all sorts of reasons.Here are some tips for how to make the most of your freebie hunt. Sometimes people give stuff … Continue reading

Uh Oh!!

5 Simple Tips to Fix Something You Broke

Glue It Back Together If you broke something made of glass or plastic or similar you can try to stick it with bonding glue. Be careful that you do not stick your fingers together in the process and keep the … Continue reading

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