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Luxury Golf Carts

World’s Most Expensive Golf Carts

Golf carts used to be little vehicles that served a simple purpose — getting you around the golf course comfortably. With the advent of these new luxurious models, you are no longer confined to the course and can make a … Continue reading

Buying Used Auto Parts

Buying Used Auto Parts – A Quick Guide

Buying used auto parts will often save you 50 percent or more over buying new. When you buy used with an online retailer, you’ll have the benefit of selection and a possible warranty. Junkyards and scrap dealers may save you … Continue reading

Father's Day Gifts

Let me let you in on a little secret. What dad’s really want for Father’s Day is a thank you from the people he works so hard to provide for. That and 30 minutes of quiet on the sofa. Which … Continue reading

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