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Help Wanted: Certain Danger, Possible Honor

Looking for a tip on how to write better employment classifieds? Start with a compelling story. Here’s a classified ad placed in 1913 by Ernest Shackleton: “Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. … Continue reading

How to Buy a Bedroom Set in the Classifieds

How to Buy a Used Bedroom Set

If you’re trying to furnish your apartment on a budget — or you are furnishing a home that you intend to rent out to others — buying a used bedroom set can save you a lot of money. You may … Continue reading

Xmas Lab 2

Holiday Pets: Disaster with a Bow

Many pets, especially young puppies and kittens, seem to be at the center of any holiday disaster. Pulling down the decorations, marking presents under a tree, and nipping the one person who is a afraid of puppies. Even in the … Continue reading

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