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Toyota Camry

How to Buy a Used Toyota Recall

In 2009 and 2010 Toyota recalled several of its vehicles for issues such as sticking gas pedals (2.3 million vehicles recalled) and floor mat entrapment (5.4 million vehicles recalled). Furthermore, there were ABS reprogramming issues affecting Toyota Prius and some … Continue reading

Lawn Tips for Ocala, Florida

Lawn Tips + Lawnmower Deals

Now that we are on Daylight Savings Time, watering restrictions allow for two days of irrigation each week. But does your lawn even need it? Water if you see: Older leaf blades folding lengthwise. A blue-gray color, instead of green. … Continue reading

A bench and a potted plant transform this bare patch.

How to Design a Patio Sanctuary for Your Backyard

Redesigning your patio can be as simple as adding a few pieces of outdoor furniture to your backyard. Or it can be as elaborate as installing an adjoining concrete slab with an outdoor kitchen and dining area. Visualize the Design … Continue reading

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