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Finding the right bird means being honest about yourself.

Choosing the Right Bird for You

Birds make great pets because they often require less care than dogs or cats, while being intelligent and providing great company. Choosing the right bird for you will require some thought.  You should take into consideration your level of experience … Continue reading

A ball python happy in its cage.

Herpetologists’ Guide to Secure and Healthy Enclosures

You have decided to own a snake or other reptile as a pet and have probably invested quite a bit of time and money into getting everything ready. What you do not want now, is your little pride and joy … Continue reading

Homebuying often requires lots of patience.

6 Things You Must Know Before Deciding on a New Home

1. Best Time to Buy a Home Christmas, Easter Sunday and springtime are popular times of the year to buy a home. You may be able to secure a very attractive and desirable home ahead of the competition at Christmas … Continue reading

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