FREE stuff. No really, people are giving things away!

That’s right, people really do give away free stuff in the classifieds.

You’ll find free stuff in classifieds for all sorts of reasons.Here are some tips for how to make the most of your freebie hunt.

Sometimes people give stuff away because it truly is junk. No one would pay a dime for that old sofa, and it’s free because the advertiser is too cheap to haul it off.

But sometimes people give away really good stuff because they want it gone right away. Maybe that barbecue grill is in great shape, but they need it out of the garage more than they need the fifty bucks. (I once scored a used canoe on because the owner’s wife said he had a choice between keeping the canoe or the Harley Davidson.)

And then, people sometimes give stuff away simply because it’s good karma or because it’s better to give than to receive. The world is full of generous individuals.

So how do you make the most of free stuff in the classifieds? Here are three quick tips:

  1. Bookmark your favorite freebies pages. Two of our favorites are found on and!  (And even this current page. Check ou the free listings at the bottom of this page. They’re new every day!)
  2. Don’t hesitate! When I give away something good, I don’t take reservations — it’s strictly first-come-first serve. And the best stuff is gone literally within minutes or hours.
  3. Be polite and gracious. By treating givers with respect, you’ll help encourage more giving in the future!

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Online Classifieds from Ocala, Florida's Internet Marketplace

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Some wear but very serviceable. Reddish brown color, full size. (Read More);
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Makes an excellent soil amendment or top dressing. I have a tractor to load your truck or trailer. NW Ocala area near Fellowship. (Read More);

Free Stuff in Gainesville:

ISO scrap metal of all sorts. I will haul the metal off your property for free. You get a clean yard for free and I get to keep your scrap metal (for (Read More);ISO SCRAP METAL APPLIANCES BATTERIES